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APTacious is a part of Time to APT (Accentuate Positive Thinking). It was founded by Dr. June http://www.junehall.com/ who wants to encourage individuals to find ways to live life in the positive even when the chips appear to be down. What started as a luncheon with about a dozen people has turned into an annual one-day conference, a magazine, YouTube channel, and mini-workshops in between. This year we will embark on our first APTacious Experience Virtual Conference.

APTacious is a way of life, a feeling, an expression, an Experience! Our monthly magazine delivered directly to your home or inbox every month encourages that positivity, offering support to help you cope with life’s dilemmas. Our advertising partners offer quality products to help with life’s necessities. Become an APTer and join in the fun.

Learn more about the APTacious Network https://aptaciousnetwork.com/